LeadCare Plus®

A simple solution for labs with smaller volumes that want the
convenience and control of performing lead testing in house.

LeadCare Plus is based on anodic stripping voltammetry (ASV),
an electrochemical technique that's been used in clinical laboratories
for decades.

Product Specifications

Dimensions 9.0 in x 6.5 in x 3.5 in
Weight Approximately 3 lbs 
Sample volume  50 μL
Sample type Capillary whole blood (EDTA or Heparin) 
Sample stability 72 hours (post-draw)
Analytical Range 1.9 - 65 µg/dL
Sample analysis time 3 minutes
Sample throughput 15-20 samples/hour
Technical experience Low
Daily Maintenance 30 seconds
Test method Electrochemical with disposable sensors 
Quality control  Two levels (included in test kit) 
Calibration Electronic calibration
Certifications CE, ETL
FDA 510(k) number K142705
Connectivity Optional data management system (HL7 2.5.1)

† The rate at which samples can be analyzed. Measured as samples per hour (excludes sample preparation).

Analyzer Components

Test Kit Components
Ready to use reagents, controls and calibration for 96 tests

  • 96 sensors: 4 vials of 24 sensors each
  • 96 tubes of treatment reagent
  • One electronic calibration button
  • Two levels of quality control


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